We embrace the total team concept.



We believe in demonstrating a “one team one fight” attitude and are led by our president/CEO and operations manager. They lead the company in our mission of delivering unprecedented results for our clients, our people, and our communities.

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Operations Manager



By being energetic about supporting and challenging our clients in equal measure. We’re passionate about making a significant and measurable impact in all we do. Our culture and approach deliver enduring results, tailored to each client’s specific situation and needs. We’ll always do the right thing by our clients, our people and strive to be a community leader.

We care for our clients’ business and property as our own. We think and act like business partners, not industry braggarts. We share our clients’ aspirations, work to understand their goals, and align our motivation with their objectives—so they know we’re in this together.


As the unwavering and unchanging True North compass, DMDC, LLC is consistent. We are constant, singular and not affected by outside forces. At DMDC, LLC, there is no time or place for jargon-ridden reports, hidden agendas or politics.

Everything we do is guided by our True North —our unbending commitment is to always do the right thing by our clients, our people, and our communities.

We are rooted in our client’s specific situation and align our actions and incentives with their objectives. This ensures our shared ambitions deliver true measurable results.

Our moral compass defines the internal values and culture that makes DMDC, LLC special:

  • Passion for results, loyalty to our clients and completely aligning with their success
  • Commitment to the highest quality, professionalism and ethical standards in all we do
  • Deep intellectual honesty to not fluff the truth, tell it like it is, in direct and straightforward language
  • Openness to the minuet possibility that current beliefs could be wrong
  • Practical approaches that focuses on getting the job done and turning decisions to action
  • One team one fight” attitude, extending trust, honesty, respect, and support in all our interactions, to direct our collective energy at winning internally and externally
  • And the perspective to do an excellent job, while not taking ourselves too seriously

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