Hundreds of industries use Notaries

  • Law Firms
  • Collect notarized documents from one place, improving the way your firm or business operates.
  • Private Wealth Management
  • Get powers of attorney, beneficiary designations, IRA rollovers, and other critical forms notarized in minutes.
  • Auto Insurance

streamline your claims process and reduce salvage cycle time by more than 80 percent

Commercial Construction

Manage contractor payments and run projects smoothly from the jobsite or office.

Real Estate

Home buyers can sign and notarize documents online, delivering faster, more secure transactions for lenders and title agents.
Financial Services
Notarize’s bank-grade security and encrypted audit trail deliver a secure, seamless document management platform.

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Why You Should Choose Remote Online Notarization?
There are good reasons to trust your documents to our remote notary service.


Convenience: Don’t drive around looking for a notary. Get your documents notarized from the comfort of your home or office.


Notarize a single seal for $25. The cost is $6 for each additional seal.


Never worry about misplacing your important documents. They never have to leave your home or office


Our notaries are knowledgeable and experienced. They’re ready to walk you through the signing and notarization process.

Wedding Officiant

Ready to tie the knot?
Here’s How I Can Help!

I will solemnize or officiate your wedding ceremony providing the couple first obtains a marriage license from an authorized Florida official.
Our fees include:

  • Officiate wedding and completing the certificate portion of the Marriage Record Returning docs to the office that issued the license within 10 days after ceremony
  •  30 minutes consult
  •  1 hour onsite during ceremony
  •  Travel fee within a 30-mile radius
  •  Custom certificate for keepsake

The couple must obtain a valid Florida marriage license from a county court judge or Clerk of the Circuit Court, prior to the marriage ceremony to ensure validity. Proper identification is also required.

Remote Online Notary

Technology is a wonderful tool especially in this day and age! And as a Florida State Approved Remote Online Notary or RON, I can assist with notarizing your important documents online.
While each party is in the comfort of their own home or office, we connect via a secured online platform. Each party must use a tablet, laptop or desktop and must sign in from a unique device. Sharing of devices and cell phones are strictly prohibited and could cause for a session to be rescheduled.
Once an appointment is scheduled, each signer must go thru an identification verification process. This includes verifying their ID as well as answering knowledge based questions and takes about ten (10) minutes. All details will be provided in the appointment email. Depending on the size of your document package, the actual appointment should take less than 30 minutes.

Here’s What I can Help With:

  •  Real Estate Closings
  •  Corrective Deeds
  •  Quit Claim Deeds
  •  Titles
  •  Wedding Certificates
  •  Wills
  •  Power of Attorney
  •  Trusts
  •  Any document that requires notarization!

Remote Online Notarization

Get your documents notarized entirely online. From anywhere in the world.
Remote online notarization empowers anyone to connect with a commissioned notary public 24×7 to sign and notarize documents from any device entirely online.

Notary Signing Agent

When do I need notary?
A notary is required to independently witness and authenticate legal documents and transactions, in particular when they need to be submitted to authorities

Bonded & Licensed Notary

Notarization confirms the authenticity of signed documents, ensuring that they are fully compliant with the requirements in the relevant jurisdiction. The certification by a notary can also be needed to confirm the authenticity of copied documents, such as passports or utility bills.

Trained & Certified Notary Signing Agent

I am a NNA Trained, Background Checked and both LSS and NNA Certified Notary Signing Agent (NSA) that facilitates loan closings for the mortgage finance industry. A Notary Signing Agent is a Notary who is specially trained to handle and notarize loan documents. For lenders, Notary Signing Agents are the critical final link to complete the loan. A Notary Signing Agent is hired to ensure that real estate loan documents are executed by the borrower, notarized, and returned for processing on time and correctly.

Don’t Sign Yet!

For a Notary Public to notarize your signature, you must sign it in the physical presence of the Notary. Generally speaking, it is best to wait until the Notary tells you that you can sign, as you may need to swear an oath first, for example. The most common mistake we see is customers coming in with documents already signed. Usually, this is easily rectified. You simply sign the document again in front of the Notary. However, it is, of course, a little messy. And it may not be accepted in your particular circumstances. If you want to be sure, contact your counsel, or the organization that you are sending the document to, and ask. If possible, bring a spare copy, just in case.

Documents We Notarize

  • For Individuals
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Affidavits/Oaths
  • Statutory Declarations
  • Copy Passports
  • Copy Documents
  • Written Statements or Wills
  • Application Forms
  • Mortgage Documents
  • Property Purchases
  • Adoption Documents
  • Certificates of Law
  • Company Documents
  • For Businesses
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Affidavits/Oaths
  • Statutory Declarations
  • Good Standing Certificates
  • Certificates of Law
  • Certificates of Incorporation
  • Written Statements
  • Trademark Assignments
  • Application Forms
  • Ship Mortgages
  • Share Pledges
  • Property Purchases
  • Loan Agreements
  • Bills of Sale
  • Maritime Bills of Sale

International Documents

Many legal documents can be sworn, affirmed or declared before a Commissioner of Oaths, who need not be a Notary Public. If the document itself is going to be used outside the jurisdiction, especially internationally, you will likely need to swear or declare before a Notary. This is a practical result of the system used for confirming the execution of international documents. If in doubt, it is normally best to use a Notary, as that covers you, either way. Fortunately, we have them. Just give us a call, send us an email, or Book With Me.