We handle your books so you can get on with your business.

Get a dedicated team of experts who know the complexities of your business, your industry, and how to help you save on taxes—all while keeping your books organized and on-time.s Owners & Entrepreneurs
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Three ways DMDC helps your business grow.


We take the hassle out of bookkeeping with reliable tech and a dedicated bookkeeper. Start in minutes with a free consultation.

Catch Up

We spend all day (and night) ensuring you stay tax-ready all year long. Fire yourself as the accountant, hire us, and take back your time.


Out of date? No problem! We’re here to get you up-to-date with accurate financials

We integrate with the best software.

Get professional, personalized bookkeeping on your terms.
No matter what industry you are in.


We specialize in eCommerce accounting and will help you stress less,
save money, and protect and grow your business.

Small Businesses

Our best-in-class bookkeepers and accountants are here to cut down
your to-do list and be hand to answer any (and all!) questions you
have along the way.

Professional Services

Whether our focus is Digital Marketing, IT, Real Estate, Consulting,
or a TikTok influencer, you’ll receive peace-of-mind knowing DMDC is
handling your back-office.


We’ve worked with both new and existing franchises and have a
custom, yet scalable process to integrate with yours.

Your online bookkeeping and tax team, so you can do what you love.

Real people. Real bookkeepers. Real CPAs focused on your financial success. You deserve an accounting team that is dedicated to the success of your business.

Let DMDC handle the hassles while you put more money in your pocket, reduce your stress, and get back to what you love to do.

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